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The KBRS HardCurb® (patent pending) prevents leaks and tile failure. One of the most critical components of a tile shower is the curb. If not properly constructed (and most are not), then it is guaranteed that you will have damaging leaks and tile failure. A KBRS HardCurb® is engineered to prevent these failures from occurring. And the HardCurb® has a self-sealing anchoring layer that automatically seals around the screws when penetrated, and securely holds the screws in place.

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Much like our shower pan, at KBRS our ShowerSeat also comes Ready-To-Tile. We offer a variety of seat shapes to fit your custom tile shower needs including a ladies leg ledge, corner, ready to tile shower seat and multiple ready to tile shower bench seats available in standard and custom widths. All of the KBRS, Inc. ready to tile shower seats are quick and easy to install and require no framing. You'll maximize the enjoyment of your KBRS Shower System with a ShowerSeat that's the perfect fit for your new tile shower.

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Our recessed ShowerNiche product line allows you full customization through a variety of shapes and sizes you can combine for your specialized needs. Whether you choose side-by-side, separated, stacked or any combination of the three, all KBRS ShowerNiche options come ready-to-tile. Made of one-half inch solid PVCore™ composite material, your KBRS, Inc. shower niche is extremely durable and, of course, like all of our products, completely waterproof. You simply attach the ready to tile shower niche to wall studs using deck screws for quick and easy 5 minute installation.

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Seamlessly waterproofing your entire shower has never been easier or safer than it is with ShowerSeal® Seamless Liner from KBRS. ShowerSeal® Seamless Liner is a positive-side waterproofing membrane that can be applied using a paint brush or roller.

Unlike sheet-applied waterproofing, there are no overlapping seams that can fail if not installed properly. When you apply ShowerSeal® Seamless Liner to your entire shower, you add the highest level of waterproofing available.

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Point Drains

KBRS shower pan products fit an industry standard 3-piece tile shower drain (clamping-ring type); however, a KBRS ShowerSlope or Tile-Basin® can be manufactured to meet your custom residential or commercial drain requirements as well. A KBRS shower system is the solution to all your residential and commercial shower application needs. KBRS also offers side outlet drain options that make replacing an old tub with a shower base especially easy.

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Linear Drains

Step onto the newest in modern design with the KBRS line of Linear Drains. Whether you go stainless or tiled, you can’t go wrong, as these state of the art sleek, elegant and advanced designs are proven to deliver the aesthetics and performance you desire. Buy and Install with confidence, KBRS Linear Drains, the best value in the business.

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