Linear Drain ShowerSlope

When it comes to installing linear drains, the Linear Drain ShowerSlope is the ideal solution. Each Linear Drain ShowerSlope™ is equipped with a 1-1/4" leading edge designed with a linear drain slot.

The Linear Drain ShowerSlope is one of two options in the KBRS Linear Drain Line that provides the required positive floor drainage in a tile shower assembly that will be utilizing a linear style shower drain.

Customize It

KBRS Linear Line Drain shower pans are easily installed using modified thin-set mortar. Linear Drain shower pans are available in standard sizes and unlimited custom sizes (up to 9500 square inches).

Custom sizes are available for the Linear Drain Tile-Basin®, so you can get it in any size or shape you can imagine.

Linear Drain ShowerSlope Technology

The KBRS Linear Drain ShowerSlope has a leading edge of 1-1/4" with a slope (2%), and is available in custom sizes. Due to the linear geometry of a ShowerSlope™, it is very customizable in the field.


Contact your local dealer or our customer support team for sizing options.

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